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By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use, which may be updated from time to time. You are advised to visit this page regularly, in order to keep abreast of any alterations made to the Conditions of Use.

Access to this website is of temporary nature and we reserve the right to remove or alter any service, without prior notice. We do not take responsibility, if, for any reason, this website is not available during a certain period of time. Occasionally, we may restrict access to some areas of this website.

Some hyperlinks on this website lead to external websites, which are partners of DECOR-VASES. By clicking on these links, you will exit the DECOR-VASES website. We have no control over these other websites; therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any material contained in them.

To place an order, you must be over 18 years of age and all information provided must be true and accurate for your order to be successfully processed.

Once the site is translated into several languages, in case of doubt for legal reasons, will be valid English or Portuguese.



All the intellectual property rights to the content available through this website belong to DECOR-VASES, and are licensed and protected by laws and global treaties. All rights are reserved to DECOR-VASES and its suppliers.

The contents of this website may be stored, printed or otherwise presented for your personal use only.

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General Conditions

Decor-Vases will only accept returned goods if they are new, complete and inside the original package of the order, which shall not be damaged, changed or broken. Incomplete, damaged or used products will not be accepted.

If the return does not respect the above-mentioned conditions, the customer will not have the right to receive any refund and we will suggest him to have the product(s) back with the next order. If the customer rejects this option but would like to recover the item(s), he will have to agree on a date with a delivery company to pick the item(s) and pay the corresponding costs.

To exercise your right of return, please contact our Customer Service and specify the order number, description or reference number of the product you wish to return, your address and a collection date. This service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please take note that it is impossible to schedule a specific time, you can only choose a day.


Order Cancellation

You may cancel an order while it is still pending, i.e. if it has not been packaged or left our warehouse yet. To cancel an order, you must:

Login to your personal Decor-Vases account. Click on'see my account' in the Login window, where you will see a summary of your account. At the top of the screen you will be able to access your recent orders. If the order you wish to cancel, is marked 'pending', a 'cancel' button will be available on the order line. Click on this button to cancel the order.

If you have already paid for the order, you will be refunded within five days.


Order/product returns

The collection service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please take note that it is impossible to schedule a specific time, you can only choose the day.

Collection is free if the reasons for the return are responsibility of Decor-Vases. If the reason for the return is that you changed your mind or that you made a wrong order, the collection costs will be discounted from the refunded value.


Exchanging items

We only exchange products in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions. If for some reason it is not possible to make the exchange of a certain item a refund of the amount paid for it will be made.


Refund methods and deadlines

In case of orders returned to Decor-Vases, by default the value of reimbursement will be converted in Décor-Vases COUPONS for future purchases in our store. These COUPONS will be available in the customer's account for use on any item from our store.

Only in exceptional cases evaluated by Decor-Vases, the value will be returned to the customer. In those cases, DECOR-VASES will do everything in its power to refund the customer as soon as possible, within 15 days of the arrival of the returned product at our warehouse.

With cancelled orders (paid orders which were not sent), the deadline for refunding will be 10 days.

When approved by Décor-Vases, Refunds will be made in the following way:

If you paid by credit card, the refund will be made to the same credit card and will appear on your next bank statement.

If you paid by PayPal, you will be refunded to your PayPal account and the funds will be immediately available.


Transport cost refund

We will refund transport costs of orders returned, due to the liability of our company Decor-Vases, e.g. defective products or product exchanges. We would also like to inform you that no transport costs refund will be made, if only one product of a multiple-product-order, is defective.

When an order is returned to us, the customer must bear the costs involved, if he/she is the responsible party involved in the matter. The return costs will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded.



We take all the necessary steps to ensure that the details, descriptions and prices of products shown on the website are correct. However, we reserve the right to refuse an order if the product information was incorrectly published, including prices and promotions.

An order may also be refused for the following reasons:

      • The product is not in stock.
      • We are unable to obtain authorization for payment.
      • An order is fraudulent.
      • If there is a problem with your order, we will contact you immediately.


We will do everything possible to keep your order and payment data secure. However, we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party manages to obtain unauthorized access to any data you have provided when accessing or ordering from our website.

DECOR-VASES may alter its prices at any time, without prior notice. All prices include VAT (where applicable) at the legal rate in force.

The pen next to the items' images is not marketable on DecorVases online store, nor is part of shipping orders. This object has an actual length of approximately 14cm and is only for the customer to have a better perception of the real size of presented items.



As one of the fundamental Consumers Rights is access to goods/services which correspond to those bought/contracted, Decor-Vases guarantees the quality of it's products for a period of 24 months counting from the purchase date, promoting when legitimate, a guarantee for the customers goods/property, by one of the following methods and in this order:

      • Repair of damaged goods guaranteeing its quality.
      • Replacement of product/item.
      • Exchange of product/item for one similar in characteristics and function, as long as the customer agrees.
      • End of contract and corresponding refund if none of the above are possible.

The customers right to claim a guarantee is only viable when a written complaint has been sent to our services, through the same means as stipulated in our Terms and Conditions, and once the damaged/defective product/item has been returned to our premises. Our Customer Care service will analyse the product/item in order to confirm the customers right to claim the guarantee, all situations and others which result from any of the following will be excluded:

      • Abusive, intentional damage or negligence by the Customer.
      • Normal wear and tear of a product/item in expected and reported levels by the manufacturer.
      • Inability to prove malfunction or defect by the Customer.
      • All situations which appear to be fraudulent.

After analysis of the received product, the Customer will be informed of the outcome and procedure hereafter.

Whenever a guarantee is due to the Customer, Decor-Vases will repair, substitute or refund the product/item in the shortest time frame possible. However, the maximum time limit is 30 days counting from the written confirmation date, via email, that the Customer has a right to guarantee.

The refunding in any amount will be done in the same method of payment used when placing the order, unless another method is mutually agreed upon.

These provisions will not affect Consumer Rights within the law in vigour.


Quality of our products

The quality of our products is guaranteed by our manufacturers, however, there may be some variations between the article placed on the platform and product you bought. Once products are manufactured by traditional methods (manually), the occurrence of some differences (although minimal) in terms of colors, dimensions and weights may happen.

There may be differences in color, measures and weights between each product in the same reference, but it should never surpass the 5 percent values (5%) compared to the features and pictures displayed in our platform.

Glazed items may contain minor imperfections that are only visible when the product is finalized.
The origin of these imperfections is in most cases due to small impurities of organic nature infiltrated into the raw material (clay / argil)
These imperfections can be small pores, spots or blotches almost invisible to the human eye and thus not considered defects nor reason to return.

Decor-vases items are not intended to contain water, are objects just for decorative purposes, however, we can apply a waterproofing treatment for this, should ask it writing in the message area during the checkout.
This process is tested by sampling at the factory, with a success rate of about 95% effectiveness.

Handicraft: As the process is completely handmade, the drawings can be different from each other