Decor-Vases sends orders to almost every countries in the world, with a delivery time between 2 - 10 working days depending on chosen country.

The orders placed by customers outside the European Union may be subject to possible import fees in that country.

These charges are not included in the sale price or shipping, being the responsibility of each customer.

Customers outside the European union, should inform themselves about the import fees of your country before to make any purchase in

The customs fees amount is variable depends on each country and date.

For orders over 30 kilos, contact our customer support team via the contact form.

The transport companies we use, make deliveries from Mondays to Fridays, from 08h00 to 19h00, to the address of your choice.


Transit times of this service depend on the addressee's address. If you want to know the transit times for your address, please, check the shipping company website.

The following data about the sender will be needed so as to know the transit times:

Country: Portugal

City Name: Barcelos

Post Code: 4750-465

ATTENTION: Carriers will only delivery on working days. You cannot select a specific delivery time.

The delivery times are indicative, and are therefore considered valid when there is no physical or structural impediment to delivery, such as: incorrect delivery address or forces beyond our control.

Track my order

When you place an order, you will receive a tracking number via email that will enable you to locate the order on the website of your chosen transporter.

If you are unable to locate your order, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Difficulties making the delivery

If the transport company is unable to make the delivery, it will try again on the following day, or contact you to arrange a new delivery time.


Your package will be dispatched and special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Although the products shipped to our customers are properly packed in boxes, incidents may occur during the journey until the customer. Thus, the client should open the product packaging after receiving it and make sure that the products are in perfect conditions. The customer will have two days to report any problem of the received product  (breaks) after the delivery date.

In case of broken items, the customer must send an email to Decor-Vases, describing what happened, with pictures of the damaged/broken products, attached. The Decor-Vases will evaluate the problem and will inform the decision to the customer by email. If it proves a problem before it arriving in customer, the product will be returned to the manufacturer for repair or will be sent a new equal product  to the customer.

Decor-Vases will not be responsible for products damage after deliveries in customer.