Thematics and handicraft made by portuguese artisans.

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  • Handicraft

    Traditional cock of Barcelos made in ceramic.

    Portuguese rooster, the Barcelos and Portugal icon in the world.

    The famous legend of the rooster of Barcelos village is associated with the cruise that is part of the medieval history of the city's Archaeological Museum.

    According to the legend, the inhabitants of the Barcelos village were alarmed with a crime and worried about not knowing who was its author.
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  • Romantic and love

    Romantic San-Valentine's day gifts in ceramic.

    You can find wonderful gifts to give to your love in San Valentine's Day or any other special day!

    A unique gift for special moments, an unforgettable gift of infinite love

  • Careers roosters

    Portuguese careers rooster, is a new concept (innovation) for the typical "Galo de Barcelos".

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items